Team consultations

The goal of team consultations is to introduce mental training to an entire team and develop strategies to create a supportive team climate.

Ambitus Performance will support teams every step of the way, regardless of their current level of performance and provide assistance in discovering the best version of their performance. The integration of sport psychology within a team setting is approached gradually and done in careful collaboration with the head coach, associate staff, leadership group, and the players. Team consultations are a great way for players and coaches to help facilitate the team's identity, create an agreed set of values, a clear shared vision and ways of working for their team.

Ambitus Performance expects to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. To get players and coaches pulling in the same direction and understand how their teammates best function within their sport
  2. To assess the specific needs of the team and tailor support towards their shared goals
  3. To create a supportive team climate where feedback from the every member will be used to promote the most effective outcome and experience

Team consultations are only offered face-to-face. The allotted time for a team consultation is flexible according to the team’s requirements. Ambitus Performance has experience of providing psychological support to a wide range of sports and all sessions are customised to meet your team’s unique goals and needs. Our team consultations are always interactive and designed to encourage the coaches and players to engage in the process together. Once sport psychology has been successfully integrated into the team, 1:1 sessions may be offered to the players and staff if desired.

Our promise:

The prioritisation of the individual team members’ well-being will always be put at the forefront of any work we do. Creating a collaborative environment between the consultant and the team is vitally important to the overall success of the consultancy work. Ambitus Performance is committed to building relationships with all team members equally to foster a supportive team climate as a whole.

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